Today I learned how to create a blog using Jekyll. My objective with this blog is to help others who may be traveling down a similar path in life and business.

To give some context of my situation, I will start from the 30,000 foot view and throughout this year will give more insight into the life of Brian.

I currently work as a business development representative for, a content analytics platform. I joined the team in February 2016 after helping run Theron Studios which was a small mobile design agency where we worked with brands such as IBM, CitiBank, Vaynermedia, and Hitlist. I was responsible for the daily activities that help a company run smoothly such as reviewing and creating services of work, contract negotiation, project management, and payment collection. Before starting Theron Studios my specific skill set was focused mainly on the analytical side. I had experience in Quickbooks and basic book keeping activities.

While running Theron Studios my business partner and childhood friend, Kennedy, mentored me and encouraged me to learn basic programming. With almost endless amounts of resources online I choose codecademy and started with html. After knocking out the entire course in a few days, I moved on to css. I completed the course in equally fast pace. Currently, we are learning Python together. This tactic is super helpful for me since I can refer to Kennedy in the event that I get stuck on a problem. My goal for learning Python is not necessarily to become a coder, but to have a better understanding of the framework thus allowing me to communicate better with my teammates.